Social Responsibility



We” NIPRAS” ability to sense, understand and react to others’ emotions while comprehending on social networks. (Social awareness which encompasses the competency of empathy is the ability to read non-verbal cues for negative emotions, particularly anger and fear and to judge the trustworthiness of others. It is about understanding other feelings, not experiencing them (Garner, 2009). NIPRAS accentuates an individual’s ability to identify, perceive and react to other’s emotions while being a part of the social network circuitry. NIPRAS understands the ability to be compassionate to the feelings, views, opinions, and challenges of other people. Social awareness cannot only be equated with understanding people’s needs but as well as caring for them (Coleman, 2006).


– At NIPRAS we empower our employees to leverage the corporate resources at their disposal to do well. Being a socially responsible company can bolster a company’s image and build its brand.

A business cannot work without consumers. The survival and growth of a business depend on consumer satisfaction, service, and support. “NIPRAS” winning the confidence of our customers made it possible by following a positive attitude towards customers and fulfilling our social responsibilities by providing them
– Quality
– Fair Prices
– Honest advertising
– After-sales service
– Research & Development for their requirements
– Safety
– Regular supply


Civil Society
According to the Saudi Youth in Numbers report, 37% of the Saudi population is under 25. This entails that the youth will play a more significant role in undertaking the paths set by Vision 2030 and inheriting the future it’s attempting to build. NIPRAS gives our platform to the young for developing their sense of civic responsibility, involvement, and interconnectedness. Opportunities to equip the upcoming generation with the necessary skills and motivation to become active participants in their communities.



NIPRAS understands the nature of the relationship between corporate adoption of the concept of social responsibility [availability of environmental awareness, clear vision of the impact of societal responsibility on financial performance, managers informing employees of the latest developments in societal responsibility programs, managers’ response to their corporate social responsibility (CSR) proposals] in the form of an annual report that supports the success of the company’s objectives, the company’s management encourages employees to participate collectively in societal responsibility programs and to protect the environment from pollution in the industry.