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Building and construction material: Cable tray for organizing cables and wires in Saudi Arabia
Cable Management
Cable Tray
Cable Ladder
Wire Basket
Building material supplies: Roof access hatch for safe and convenient access to rooftops in Middle East
Architectural Engineering Solutions
Roof access hatch
Roof access hatch
Access raised floors
Building materials accessories: Garbage and linen chute for easy waste disposal
Blockwork & Plaster Solutions
Block ladder
Building materials supplies: Cladding solution for exterior design and protection in Saudi Arabia
Cladding Solutions
L – Bracket
Through bolt
Return leg bracket
Sleeve anchor
Building and construction material: Concrete formwork solutions for efficient and cost-effective construction in Middle East
Concrete Formwork Solutions
Tie Rods
Concrete spacer
Binding wire
Building material supplies: Waterproofing u0026 thermal solution for protection and energy efficiency
Waterproofing & Thermal Solutions
Protection board
Filler board
Expanded Polystyrene
Cork Sheet
Building construction tools: Gypsum partitions u0026 suspended ceiling solutions for efficient and flexible interior design in Saudi Arabia
Gypsum Partitions & Suspended Ceiling Solutions
Furring channel
Adjustable rod hanger
Studs and runner
Joint mesh
Building materials accessories: Clamp, hanger, and fixing for secure installation of building materials in Gulf Country
Clamp, Hanger, and Fixing, Lettering, Solutions
Beam clamp
Channel clamp
Anchor J Bolt
Threaded rods

Our Companies

Nipras Metal Industry Co. is solutions for building materials accessories for improved installation and durability in Saudi Arabia

NIPRAS METAL INDUSTRY Co. for metal works was established in the year 2010. Since then, it is primarily engaged in the manufacturing and supervision of metal and steel construction

Nipras Metal Trading Co.

NIPRAS METAL TRADING Co. Since its formation in the year 2010, has been providing continuous architectural and industrial solutions to huge projects with impressive customer satisfaction.

Nipras Metal Contracting Co.

NIPRAS METAL CONTRACTING Co is one of the leading qualified contractors in K.S.A, directed by highly qualified and experienced technical team in Electrical, Mechanical and civil sector.

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