Plaster Accessories

Our Control Joints are secure and lasting bond between walls and floors.


Plaster profiles and accessories applicable during the process of plastering are essential materials in the economical construction of traditional cement, lime and gypsum plasters, since their use plays an important role in the satisfaction of demands and requirements made on plasters, Nipras provide them in variety of materials and sizes facilitating their application in many areas.

Compatibility: Galvanized steel profiles (only with protective tiling in humid spaces): applicable to cement, lime-cement and lime plasters Aluminum and PVC profiles: in gypsum and in rendering of external thermal insulation systems

Method of installation: Installing the profiles is simple. In case of traditional lime and cement plasters, the galvanized steel edge plaster profiles are to be fixed and levelled with the help of profile fixing mortar (both for interior and exterior use). After that, beads are set up with the help of strings stretched between the edge profiles. The window connecting profile must be installed at the jointing point of the plaster and the window or door frame. In case of gypsum-based plasters, the fastening of the profiles can be performed with the plastering material, but in exterior or in humid rooms – where lime-cement plaster is applied – gypsum-based materials must not be used for profile attachment. We provide a wide selection of the higher-priced and higher-quality Protector products, a leading company in the manufacturing of plaster profiles (mesh accessories of heat insulation systems for façades, edge plaster profiles for interior and exterior use, as well as base-, base extension-, plaster finishing-, and dilatation profiles).

Manufacturing Standards — BS EN 13658-1:2005 For Internal Plastering

– BS EN 13658-2:2005 for External Rendering

Relevant Standards

– BS EN 13914-1:2016 for External Rendering

– BS EN 13914-2:2016 for Internal Rendering

– BS 6452: Part 1:1984

– BS 5262:1991

– BS 8212:1995


– Galvanized Steel according to BS EN 10346:2015

– Stainless Steel according to BS EN 10088-2:2014

  • For interior applications:

Galvanized Steel according to  BS EN 10327 superseded by BS EN 10346:2009, zinc coated on both sides.

  • For exterior applications and humid environment:

Austenitic stainless steel according to BS EN 10088- Mat.No.1.4301